Palm Pre / iPhone 3G browser test – Engadget

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24 Kommentare zu “Palm Pre / iPhone 3G browser test – Engadget
  1. GypsyRobotic sagt:

    The Palm pre has a small links Icons in the browser, the iPhone not !

  2. jnow09 sagt:

    apple is goin to eat palms lunch

  3. back2schoolfool sagt:

    Sorry, nope. I have an iPhone 3G and picked up a Pre. I went to Apple today to decide whether to upgrade to a 3Gs… While it does load apps faster, it is the same speed on internet browsing because no matter how fast the phone’s processor is, it is still bound to it’s network’s speeds.

  4. back2schoolfool sagt:

    Lol he’s using a jailbroken iPhone.

  5. bigkev1469 sagt:

    people are stupid haters the pre is faster evdo is way fast the att 3g network if people knew there head from there ass and just not talking out of it theres alot of phones faster then the iphone

  6. XxGlamisDunerxX sagt:


  7. messierandgordon1124 sagt:

    … No

  8. amj445 sagt:

    Try it with the iPhone 3GS, the Pre will FAIL.

  9. drierman sagt:

    watch out pre, iphone 3g s is comming

  10. XxGlamisDunerxX sagt:

    pre > iphone

  11. XxGlamisDunerxX sagt:

    haha jealous apple fanboy, go back in your worm hole

  12. mifun4me sagt:

    see the problem is i still havent see the wifi test. yet we stil havent seen what the iphone 3gs can do over wifi. But this is not why i originaly posted a comment. even if the iphone ends up the winner in a speed test between browsers. It really comes down to what you like. That is why i think this is dumb. A civic might be faster than a bmw. it dosent make it better. its what you like

  13. Ecoteric sagt:

    You are exactly right! But even wifi iPhone vs wifi Pre is the same result!

  14. mnjparks sagt:

    Wrong. Try again!

  15. drierman sagt:

    yea right, browser speed is the most important thing for u, like u will be using it for browsing 24/7

  16. zelldon sagt:

    At least you understand….

  17. muk546 sagt:

    how about an original UI iphone wins and so does the mac take that plam and Microsoft

  18. muk546 sagt:

    cheap iphone copy

  19. JPSensei07 sagt:

    the pre wins! im getting one.

  20. showson1 sagt:

    This test should also be done via wifi on the same network.

  21. Skywalker05088 sagt:

    well as of now you cannot legitimately have the pre without sprint and the iphone without at&t. so when you decided to watch this video….what were you expecting???

  22. ajsg09 sagt:

    this isnt iphone vs. pre…this is att vs. sprint

  23. IgWannA2 sagt:


  24. chamillionairekid sagt:

    palm pre wins on web browsing confirmed

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